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Comedy County Cocke, Canto 6: 3 Pit Bulls
Comedy County Cocke, Canto 6: 3 Pit Bulls
Chalk and pastel on paper
44" x 30"

Minister Lows of 3 Beers Circle Five/ Is in conflict with a neighbor called Anchor/ A conflict over their property line drive
A long cable tied three pit bulls to flanker/ The long gravel drive claimed by the Minister/ The foul neighbor spinning donuts in rancor

Dante Commedia Inf. VI: 4-6, 13-15
new torments and new souls in torment/ I see about me, wherever I may move, / or turn, or set my gaze.
Cerberus, fierce and monstrous beast, / barks from three gullets like a dog/ over the people underneath that muck

From The Newport (Tennessee) Plain Talk Newspaper- Crime Reports, 3/04/2012:
Property line dispute
E--- K---r, 51, of Applewood Way, in Newport, said he had been having problems with an acquaintance over a property line. K****r said the suspect did donuts in his driveway with a go-cart, on Feb. 29, and later brought a doghouse, put it next to K---r's driveway, and then tied a pit bull to a 20-foot cable, Sgt. W---n reported.

Anagrams: Anchor, Rope Pros