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Comedy County Cocke, Canto 12: The Apprehension
Comedy County Cocke, Canto 12: The Apprehension
Chalk, charcoal and pastel on paper
44" x 30"

He had the features of such a trusting man/ Till he laid his hand upon my taut shoulder/ No earthly idea I, how this began

Dante Commedia Inf. XII: 105-105
There I saw some sunken to the eyebrows, / and the great centaur said: 'They are tyrants/ who took to blood and plunder.

Cockfighting has been common in Cocke County early as the 1950s. Twice in the 1980s, federal agents raided an operation just off Happy Hollow Road known as "The Del Rio Cockfighting Pit". In 2005 federal agents again raided the pit. Federal officials described the pit as the "largest and oldest illegal cockfighting pit" in the United States.

Appropriated sources: “Mac E Heten”- Barberini Faun, Jean-Léon Gérôme’s The Cock Fight, Elvis Pressley Centaur Belt from “Flame” Jumpsuit, Robert Aldrich’s “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”