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Comedy County Cocke, Canto 28: Tattoo in jail a no no
Comedy County Cocke, Canto 28: Tattoo in jail a no no
Chalk and pastel on paper
62"x 42"

Fencing a flame Elvis Presley Jumpsuit Belt/ Tarrying at the Del Rio Cockfighting Pit/ Incarceration young Jon Tary was dealt
Young John fashions a homemade tattoo gun bit/ Contraband in a penal facility/ Poor John, additional jail time he must sit

Dante Commedia Inf. XXVIII: 121-123
And by the hair it held the head dissevered, / Hung from the hand in fashion of a lantern, / And that upon us gazed and said:"O me!"

From The Newport (Tennessee) Plain Talk Newspaper- Crime Reports
New tattoo in jail is a no-no
R----l J S----s, 27, of Gatlinburg, was allegedly in the Cocke County Jail on Feb. 17 when correctional officers allegedly noticed he had a new tattoo. When questioned about it, Stephens allegedly admitted to making a tattoo gun and giving himself a tattoo, Lt. Josh H----l reported. He was charged with possession of contraband in a penal facility.

Appropriated sources: “Jon Tary”- Guercino’s St Luke Displaying a Painting of the Virgin, Lucas Cranach’s The Papal Belvedere, Alan Rafkin’s The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, Annie Leibovitz’s Lynda Benglis exhibition announcement